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退換貨政策 本公司產品經嚴格品質控管,請於有效期限內食用完畢。為維護食品的衛生安全,除食品本身有瑕疵可退貨外,ㄧ經拆封、食用或消費者造成之外盒變形、失溫或保存不良導致變質,恕不接受退換貨。










將商品保存於陰涼通風的地方,勿長期放置在高溫下,以免變質。如有任何問題請電郵至email: (Be Your Herb 萃玥) 顧客服務部查詢,我們會儘快為您處理。









A. 超過七日的期限。

B. 由於購買商品為食品,一經拆封後,恕無法退貨。

C. 出貨明細表、發票、贈品、產品相關配件等不齊全。

D. 商品因人為因素導致毀損傷、變質、包裝破損不完整等。

E. 不明原因而自行將商品寄回者。

F. 銷售時已特別註明無法退換貨之商品。


Return Policy Our products are under strict quality control, please eat within the validity period.


To maintain the health and safety of food, in addition to the food itself being flawed and can be returned, by unpacking, food or consumer box caused by deformation, loss of temperature, or poor storage lead to deterioration, and will not accept Returns.


To protect your rights and interests, please immediately after receipt of the goods to open the view is correct and complete, if you have any questions please contact our customer service immediately.


If there is no immediate response within seven days, will not accept the return policy. If the product due to the delivery process leads to flaws, please directly to the house with the staff response, be sure to take pictures to protect their rights and interests, and immediately contact the company customer service staff.


Web products will be different because of the use of other different brands and the resolution of the screen, resulting in slightly different picture colors, subject to the color of the product.


Please return the goods to be returned (including the purchase of goods, accessories, inside and outside the packaging, gifts, etc.) please return, if missing or food deterioration will affect the return authority.


The goods are stored in a cool and ventilated place, not long-term placed at high temperatures, so as not to degenerate.


If you have any questions please email to our Customer Service Department at, and we will deal with you as soon as possible.


Please contact us after the customer service, we will ask you as soon as possible to retrieve the goods, pay attention to the goods you must keep the packaging integrity.


We will confirm the goods after receipt, and after the confirmation of the goods is correct, immediately for you to refund the fee, you will have to refund the amount of money to your designated bank account.


If you have 3 times the return of the record, the company will retain the right to accept orders.


★ The following can not return the situation ★


A. More than seven days.

B. As a result of the purchase of goods for food, once unpacked, can not return.

C. Shipping schedules, invoices, gifts, and product-related accessories are not complete.

D. Goods due to human factors lead to damage, deterioration, packaging damage is not complete, and so on.

E. Unidentified and returned the goods on their own.

F. Sales have been marked with special goods that can not be returned.

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